Only paint colored horses that fall into categories registerable by the
Paint Horse Association of America.  The bloodlines allowed are Paint, Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred only.
 This is Oklahoma Cowgirl.  She was a Sears SR in 1992 and came with a matching Standing Stock horse foal whose name is Oklahoma Cowboy.
Here is the Breyer horse sold as Mister Mister.  I show him as That's Mister to You.  He recieved Reserve Champion Horse at the Rocking D Riders Show early in 1998.  Hopefully he will continue to do well in photo shows as well.  I hope to be able to get performance photos of him soon. 
Here is Chex This Style, a Peter Stone Western Pleasure horse in paint competing in trail.  She is navigating the jog over poles. 
 This is Lightening, a half year model from 1997.  His show mane is Tisa Sassy Bandit and he shows as a Gelding.
 Here is the other indian half year model.  His real name is Thunder but I named him Remedy's Blacknight.  He's a stallion and tends to do really well in Stud classes with his foals.  His link got broken and the pic disappeared but I'm trying to get it fixed soon.
 This is the half year Remington model.  At a show I went to, this model (not mine unfortunately) won Reserve Champion of Show.  Totally surprised me!  Anyway, this guy shows as Calidoc.  He does well in a suicide race photo I took of him.  I'll try to get it scanned in sometime.
 This guy is the Stock Horse Foal in Chestnut Overo.  I now have his mother and Father as well.  None of them are perfectly mint but that's ok.  They are paint horses! 
This guy is an oldie and a goodie. I've been trying to get one for a long time and finally found this one, mint and still in his origional bag and card board box! I show him as Jack of Spades and he is Ace's father.
This is the Peter Stone Ideal Stock Horse model in the origional Ratchett old mask pattern.  I named him KC's Ratchett after two famous stallions, the real Ratchett and a very nice looking QH named KC Leager.  If I ever got a QH I would like one of KC's.  For some of his performance pics see the Perf. Pics Page.
 Here is Golden Double.  He is the Peter Stone Performance Horse in a 1/2 year pinto color.  He does pretty well in performance classes and also has some pics on the performance page.
That's Mister to You (Mister Mister in Stud Spider mold) and Smooth Copper brought home the gold at the Rocking D Riders Novice Model Horse show in January of 1998.  Smooth Copper (bay) took 1st Quarter Horse and Grand Champion Halter and That's Mister to You got 1st Paint Horse and Reserve Grand Champion Halter.  They each recieved a blanket, T-shirt and a certificate.  Nice job guys. 

Sorry that some of the pictures are so grainy.  We tried several things and it didn't help. I am going to rescan them sometime soon.  That's all for now.  More will come as soon as I get a chance to scan them.
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